Welcome on our website.

Currently, our store is under construction, so we encourage you to visit our instagram where you will find photos of our sculptures. They are all available and you can order them by e-mail : kufadesign.info@gmail.com

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We are shipping worldwide

We combine sculpture with design

We care for the details

We can see beauty in small things

26 €

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The packaging is also part of the product...

22 €

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sculpture made by @jerzy_fober

Sculpture is our passion

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Don't hesitate to contact us

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This version of the site is temporary. We are working on our new version of the store where orders can be placed and paid directly from the website. In the meantime, to place an order, please write us an email - kufadesign.info@gmail.com

Let us know which of our sculptures you are interested in and we will send you a detailed offer.

You can see them all on our instagram or facebook

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay tuned

Kasia and Bartek KUFA.team